Book Review – Country Loving by Cathy Woodman

Country Loving is the first of Cathy Woodman’s books I have read, but it certainly won’t be the last. I was swept away by the charm of this book and genuinely surprised by the twists and turns along the way. I’m usually pretty good at predicting a storyline, so it was a pleasant surprise to be shocked by the emerging plot! Something that is difficult to come by in a lot of books in today’s market and something I thoroughly enjoyed reading.


The cover is marketed to appeal to those familiar with chicklit fiction, but this story has a painful realism to it, as well as the hints of country charm that are planted naturally throughout the story. Cathy has done a superb job of mixing a ‘real life’ crisis with all the charm of the countryside in Spring!

Stevie, the main character, is a country girl at heart, but has been hurt by her past and escaped to become a ‘townie’ in London. It’s not until she is forced to return to the country home, Nettlebed Farm, that she realises where she truly belongs. However, to save her beloved farm, hard sacrifices must be made. When her own life becomes increasingly complicated, it becomes an ever increasing struggle to put this book down! You will find yourself speed reading to find out what Stevie will decide and how her life, and that of the farm, will end up.

I am slightly disappointed, but only because this book has now ended! I’m already looking forward to reading another of Cathy’s books.

Book Review – A Scandalous Life, Mary S. Lovell



This may have been a scandalous life for its time and even today, but it has to be said that it was a mightily beautiful one. Filled with the awe inspiring love that Jane Digby lived by, ‘A Scandalous Life’ is as powerful, strong minded and passionate as Jane Digby herself. The descriptions of her lives firstly in Georgian England, Europe and lastly the desert had me gripped from beginning to end. Mary S. Lovell has done wonders in the telling of an amazing woman.

Other reviews have mentioned the lack of knowledge surrounding Jane Digby, labelling her as ‘no one in-particular’. I have to say, that this is narrow minded when you read about this fabulous woman and the passion behind her every move in life. This story is worth a hundred of some other biographies of a more well known figure. This life is, some would say, a hidden gem.