5* Book Review – The Girl in the Ice

girlintheiceWOW! This is one hungry page turner! Immensely well written by Robert Bryndza. The plot is extraordinarily planned out and when I say that it will keep you guessing until the very end, I absolutely mean it. Bryndza consistently feeds his reader small snippets of information, pulling them one way before turning them right back around and throwing them in another direction. The twists and turns of this book are so well thought out that you will think you’ve solved the puzzle at least a dozen times before the author proves you wrong!

Spoiler Alert!

Erika has been on leave from her job as a DCI since the death of her husband, who was killed on duty. Whilst she still blames herself for this tragic incident, Erika returns to work in London when a mysterious case opens up of a murdered young woman. Thought of as reckless in her investigation, and abrupt in dealing with a family of potential suspects, Erika is bound to follow protocol instead of her instinct.She battles with colleagues and her own conscience before uncovering what turns out to be a hugely intriguing trail of a serial killer. She wants desperately to solve these murders, but is she subconsciously trying to prove to herself that she is capable of doing this job and shake of the responsibility she feels for her husbands death. When she is taken off the case, Erika cannot help but continue to investigate on her own, but is she simply putting herself in harms way?

Robert Bryndza has written a spectacular book here. With a believable but exciting storyline and characters, it is a fantastic read, with tension building until the very last pages. The ending is full of surprises. You will not be disappointed. This has everything that a crime fiction / thriller bookworm could want. I am looking forward to book two!


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