5* Book Review – Dear Thing by Julie Cohen

51r4V8jqv8L._SX319_BO1,204,203,200_‘Dear Thing’ by Julie Cohen is an exceptionally well written masterpiece. It’s the sort of story that unremittingly tugs at your emotions. It also offers an amazing insight into the world of infertility and the subsequent heartaches that go hand in hand with the decisions that must be made and those that are made for you.

‘Dear Thing’ follows the journey of a young couple, Ben and Clare, who have been trying to conceive through IVF treatment for many years. If that wasn’t a struggle enough, their hopes are snatched away again when Clare suffers a miscarriage. Having had her fill of treatment and dreams shattered, Clare makes a decision that rocks her marriage.

Deciding to give up on treatment, Clare expects Ben to be supportive, however his heartbreak is clear and instead of accepting defeat, he looks for answers elsewhere. When Ben’s best friend, Romily offers to be a surrogate, no one would expect the journey that lay ahead of them.

Romily has loved Ben since university. When he met and married Claire, she tortured herself by believing she could remain friends and secretly love him from afar. When she drunkenly offers to carry his baby, she wouldn’t expect that months into her pregnancy these feelings would surface. Writing a diary of her feelings in the form of letters to their unborn child, Romily spills her emotions onto the blank pages, writing to the baby she knows that she can never keep.

When Clare finds the diary, all hell breaks loose and Ben must decide which of his mixed feelings between his wife and the woman carrying his child are his future.

The story will keep you in a trance until the very last page, wondering if everyone’s happy endings will come to fruition…




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