4* Book Review – Jane Austen Lives Again, Jane Odiwe

jalaIf you’ve been a fan of the myriad of Jane Austen sequels, prequels and re-workings over the years, then you will know that there are many on the market, and for a long time I longed for something slightly different. Much to my delight, one of my favourite Austen-inspired authors, Jane Odiwe, contacted me to let me know of her new release, and days later, Jane Austen Lives Again landed on my doorstep!

Exceptional work from a much loved author, Jane Odiwe will pull you into an era of glamour and intrigue, unfamiliar to those who love the elegance of the regency, but utterly refreshing.

Offering a fantastic twist on a much loved author, Jane Austen Lives Again introduces you directly to that favourite regency author. Brought back to life in the roaring 1920’s, Jane Austen must adapt if she is to survive in modern day society. Becoming a ladies companion to five lively sisters was not what she had in mind and leaves her little time to write. However, so slowly, as Jane and the reader learn of each of their stories, Jane finds herself becoming increasingly fond of the Milton family. Lending her Georgian reserve and outlook on events, Jane soon finds herself helping each Milton sister, and bringing the Milton Family back together.

Each sister has their own story, and Jane Odiwe leads you down a familiar path with each lending similarities to Austen’s own characters. Cleverly weaving the stories of Persuasion, Pride and Prejudice, Emma and more, Jane Odiwe has created something sumptuously satisfying. Intertwined in this, is Jane Austen’s own story, and no matter how she protests, she cannot hold back the love that builds between herself and Will Milton. Don’t be fooled, this wouldn’t be an Austen inspired story if there weren’t any struggles! Will Jane finally have her very own happy ending?


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