Book Trailers and Why They Are Increasingly Effective

Over the last few weeks, I have been working with children’s author, Rita Antoinette Borg on creating a brand new website, as well as a book trailer for her new book, Meg the Egg. It’s been great working with Rita, and the book trailer was fantastic to work on also.

Book trailers are becoming more and more common, but are still held with some scepticism. That being said, with visual elements on the internet bringing in far more attention than those without, book trailers can now play a big role in your visibility online, and its ultimate success. It has been said that statistically people will remain on a website page 88% longer if there is a video to view. If you are having trouble conveying the message of your book, or gaining the attention you feel it deserves, a book trailer may be a good option.

We now live in an internet age where information needs to be portrayed in a much more interactive and stimulating manner. Book trailers are therefore great ways to gain instant attention on your author website, tempting visitors to look further and stay longer. Most readers no longer read the lengthy reviews and information that some websites try to share. These visitors therefore need to be fed information in a much easier fashion, without inundating them with text, and that is why book trailers are on the up. There are many out there that have been put together poorly and unprofessionally, and like any piece of promotion, it needs to remain professional in order to gain the right attention, and not deter from your work. And remember, it’s not just your website that can utilise a trailer; it can be shared across social media, as well as being played at book launches or signings.

Rita’s book trailer was particularly fun to work on, being a children’s book, and you can now view it below. The website will also be coming along shortly.

If you would like any information on book trailers, get in touch via twitter (@authordesigner) or email : You can also view a selection of book trailers that I have created at

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