Authors For Nepal – Website Design Prize

pic 3Some of you may recall that back in May 2015, inspiring author, Julia Williams started a campaign to help the victims of the tragic Nepal earthquake. Thanks to her charitable efforts and those that supported the cause, the hashtag #authorsfornepal quickly started to trend all over social media, to which I’m pleased to say I became a part of. My offering was the chance for any author to bid on a bespoke author website.

The winner was amazing children’s author, Dave Lowe, who was an absolute pleasure to work with. His books include the Stinky and Jinks series, as well as the Squirrel Boy books, which were a lot of fun to work with. His website is now complete, and up and running at There’s lots happening there, with information on all his books, and some great activity sheets for his existing readers. There should be more to come in the near future too, with further fun extras, as well as details on events that Dave will be attending.

Author Design Studio Client, Dave Lowe
Author Design Studio Client, Dave Lowe

All authors and other professionals, as well as those who bid on all the amazing books, services and opportunities via ebay should be immensely proud for joining in and supporting the victims of such a tragic natural disaster. We all hope it went someway to helping those in need.

If you have any queries about author website design, don’t hesitate to contact me via email at or via Twitter (

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