Author Design Studio Features In New Amazon #1 Bestseller

Author Design Studio is proud to feature in a new indie author’s dream book! The Self Publisher’s Ultimate Resource Guide: Every Indie Author’s Essential Directory – To Help You Prepare, Publish, and Promote Professional Looking Books is out now, and a great find for all new and existing indie authors. Such a book will save many authors a lot of precious time and effort in finding reliable and leading people in the industry that can help create professional books.


Author, Joel Friedlander says of the book; ‘I took this project on at the suggestion of my coauthor Betty Sargent, because I knew just how useful it would be. Imagine, a whole ebook full of hundreds of curated, verified live links to easy-to-find resources you’ll need to publish your book.’

The book is available now, worldwide and I’m sure will prove to be a huge success.

“Independent authors need a team to help create a fantastic finished product, and finding the right people can be a challenge when you first start out. This book will help authors to locate professionals to edit, publish and market their work–helping them to stand out in the crowded marketplace.” —Joanna Penn, The Creative Penn

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