The Self-Publishing Conference Overview

I had a fantastic day at the second Self Publishing Conference yesterday. My voice just about held out for the three sessions I presented! It was a fantastic day for everyone, and I met some fantastic #authors and #speakers. I’m already receiving lots of brilliant feedback, and everyone hopefully took away lots of new ideas and tips on their #websites and #bookcovers! There will be a run through of what we covered on my here very soon too.Image

7 thoughts on “The Self-Publishing Conference Overview

  1. Just thought I’d take the opportunity to say that I got a lot out of your session on the importance for new authors of a website. Almost had writer’s cramp from making so many notes. Really helpful – thanks a lot


  2. Many thanks for your two excellent sessions at the Self-Publishing conference; you you made them really interesting and easy to follow as well being extremely informative. My many thanks…


  3. As you know, I was obviously impressed by your presentations, but unlike Paul (echoesofthepen), I attended both of the ‘author/website’ presentations and the book cover session you co-hosted with Terry Compton.
    I’ve since written a review of the day on my blog and sent a letter to Writing Magazine. My opinion of the day was expressed in both.


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